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Kingser Electronics Co-sponsored the First Supply Chain Conference of Electrical Industry

2019/07/02 08:53
On June 28, 2019, the first Supply Chain Conference of Electrical Industry, the first Electrical Industry OEM(ODM) Exchange Meeting and the Electrical Industry Entrepreneur Summit Forum were held in Hotel Nikko Suzhou. Guangzhou Kingser Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the grand meeting as a co-organizer.
The theme of this conference is "Innovation, Synergy and Win-Win", which coincides with the business philosophy of Kingser Electronics. Mr. Guo Qiaoshi, the General Manager of the company, gave a keynote speech at the meeting entitled "Discussion on Reliability of Switching Switches".
The company's main products are displayed in all directions in the Kingser Electronics booth, and the unique patented technology has won praise from many peers. While in-depth communication, everyone conspires to "break and establish" the development plan of the electrical industry.