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The 4th International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies for Rail Transportation 2019(EITRT 2019)

2019/11/01 09:05
Oct 27th 2019, the 4th International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies for Rail Transportation 2019(EITRT 2019)jointly sponsored by the China Electrotechnical Society and the State Key Lab of Rail Traffic Control and Safety of Beijing Jiaotong University, concluded successfully in Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel, Qingdao.
The three-day conference was rich in content and attracted lots of VIPs, experts, scholars, engineers and entrepreneurs in the field of rail transit gathered together. In addition to the academic theme conference and the intelligent rail transit system technology development forum, various forms of conference and exchange were arranged, including paper presentation and posting, works display, professional training, and technical visits, which showed the latest research results and grand prospects in the field of rail transit.










Guangzhou Kingser Electroncis took part in the conference as one of the co-organizers. Mr. Guo Qiaoshi, the general manager of the company, made a keynote report on "Discussion on the Application of Electronic Arc Extinguishing Technology in DC Switches", and the innovative cutting-edge technology received enthusiastic response.


In the exhibition area of innovative achievements at the conference site, Guangzhou Kingser Electronics demonstrated groundbreaking arc extinguishing technology and related products, which were highly praised by experts attending the conference.

Looking ahead, with the rapid development of China's rail traffic industry, with the strong support of leaders from all fields of experts and scholars, the advanced electronic arc extinguishing technology is bound to make significant due contributions.